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Hello friends, we have an important information for you today As you know, the demand for cow farming is increasing day by day. While a lot of cow farming has rolled in Odisha after the lock down of covid19, today we will talk about a huge rolling cow farm in Khordha which was founded by Deepti Ranjan Martha (Poppy Bhai). It is the largest Giri cow farm in eastern India. Poppy brother is a social worker and he does a lot of social work – after working successfully in real estate / mines and various businesses, he now works in steve dores at haladia port – he also has a business abroad besides India. He has kata businesses in Australia and Spain He has taken another step forward in success and has now started work for a large Gireland farm in Brazil. The farm in Khordha has a new technique for feeding cows. Here new technologies have been applied to milk production Brother Poppy always pays special attention to the care of the cows His love for cow has been praised in various intellectual circles All we can say is that this love for cow will always continue Thank you

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