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Know 20 ways to earn money online in odisha india 2020 | online income process india

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Know 20 ways to earn money online in odisha india 2020 | online income process in india | how to earn money from youtube, google, tik tok, facebook, freelancer .
Hello friends, welcome to your favorite website pocketnews.in. You get to read Valuable content here. We want our readers to be told about such online skills along with reading. So that they can make good income by working on those skills at home . By doing this job any student or person can generate a good online income by part time / full time. 
So let’s start such social platforms with the help of which you can earn.

1. Amazon MTurk

Mechanical Turk is run by Amazon. Anyone can sign up and complete simple tasks – such as a bridge to choose one of two pictures – to earn a few cents per task. With some practice, you can earn a few dollars per hour by sitting on your couch and watching TV. And with enough focus, you can earn an amount equal to the minimum wage.

2. Twitter

If you have enough followers on Twitter. So you can earn money from Twitter too. You must be thinking how are these possible? There are three ways on Twitter with which you can generate income.

Brand promotion by

If the number of followers on your Twitter is very high, then many companies are engaged in the research of such people for the promotion of their brand. You have to add your contact number to your Twitter page profile. So that any company can contact you.

Affiliate marketing

When you have a lot of followers. Then with the help of Affiliate link of e-commerce website like Amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, you can get some products sold. The more your link will be the product sale. The more your income will be. In today’s time, people do income through this.
Link shortig
The most important to earn money from Twitter is that the higher the number of your followers, the higher will be the income. In today’s time, there are many link shorting sites on the Internet, which you can make a good income by joining.

3. YouTube

YouTube allows anyone to post noxplicit videos on any topic they wish. Recording video can be as simple as turning the camera on your computer and hitting the record button. If you enable advertising on your video, you can make money at the rate of about $ 1 to $ 3 per 1,000 video views. The more videos you have, the more views you can watch, so if you record a lot of videos and make a viewership, this option really pays off.

4. Tiktok

The Tik tok app is successful in increasing its users rapidly. In which any user creates a video and feels like a Star.
Tik tok china company bytedance   Huh. Its first English Version   The release was done in September 2016 . By the way, this app has millions of people   Use . but   Just 10 percent   People only make money due to lack of information .
If you have more number of followers then you have the first method.
Brand deals
This is the best way to earn money for social media influence . If your followers follow you, then hearts come on your videos. Then there are more Chances in such a brand Approach you and together Examine all your Activities.
Brand sponsored events   particpate   Tax
This will happen only when you have good reputations on Tik tok. Brands invite such people.
Merchandise Selling Tax
If you have one   Tik has become a very good support base   tok   On   Then   In such a way, you can stablish your own Shopify ecommerce store . And there   You can do your merchandise selling .

5. Freelancer

Almost any profession allows people to find freelance work at home in their free time. While projects on eLance are not going to make you a ton of money, they provide a great way to build an independent portfolio to showcase your skills while building a network of clients.

6. Amazon Kindle

Direct publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Anyone who has written a book on their own can be sold on Amazon Kindle devices for uploading to Amazon. Suppose you write a novel and want to sell it. If you upload it here and then promote it online through social media or blogs, you can sell copies of your book and earn 70 percent return on every sale.

7. Photolia

Photolia allows you to sell photos you have taken for stock photography use. For example, if a publisher is looking for a picture of a beach and you have uploaded such a photo, then the publisher can use Photolia to buy the rights to use that picture in their publication and you will be deducted from that money. Is received. For photography enthusiasts, this is a great way to earn a few dollars for some of your best photos.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks are probably the most popular and most legitimate of online survey sites. Swagbucks pays you a small amount to participate in a consumer survey, which companies then use to find out what kind of products to make and sell. You can participate in multiple surveys in one day, and Swagbucks’ earnings can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon, Target, iTunes and others.

9. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can make almost anything for $ 5. People on the site upload jobs they are willing to do for $ 5. Like – writing Facebook posts for companies. Many jobs require creative skills. Such as graphic design or audio editing, these are things that you can easily do while sitting on the couch in your spare time.

10. Skillshare

Skillshare is a website. Where you can teach online class and pay for it. You record a series of videos on such a subject. That you know about. Popular topics include crafts, film, fashion and cooking, and then participate in Skillshare forums related to your class. In return, you get a deduction of money from those who take your class. No teaching degree is required to get started and the site says that teachers can earn an average of $ 3,500 per year.

11. Zirtual

Probably the most time consuming, but most beneficial, option. With Zirtual, you sign up to be a Zirtual Assistant for a busy person. The person will send you things to do such as writing an email, researching a topic and summarizing the findings, or personal tasks such as ordering flowers, managing a personal calendar or writing handwritten notes. The starting base salary is $ 11 per hour and the Zuretal Assistants work for a full week.

12. Quora

You can earn money by asking Quora to ask questions. But how does its algorithm work. These are difficult to tell. Because Quora has not started any monetization option. But by sending mail on your behalf, Quora Invitation gives you a chance to earn money. I also use this app. But in this app, I will share my personal experience. I have not earned much from this app yet. But the advantage of this app is that here you get to read many important information. Second, you can increase traffic by sharing links to your website.

13. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s number one social media network site. In today’s time, millions of people are using Facebook. But you know that many people use Facebook not to stay connected with friends, but to earn money.
If you are thinking that just by creating a Facebook page and taking big likes, you will give direct Facebook money, then it is not so. You have four ways to earn money. Of these, you can make money in any way.
1. By selling your Facebook page.
2. Promote Affiliate Products.
3. By selling your page Post.
4. Create a website.

14. whatsapp

If you do not have Whtasapp, then first install Whatsapp from Google Playstore and create an account on it.
Whatsapp below   went   The following   There are four ways in which money can be earned.
URL Shortner
PPD Network
Affiliate Marketing
Refer and earn
You can earn paise from whatsapp using the methods given above.

15. By Blogging

If you have knowledge in any field and are fond of writing, then write a post by making a blog. When 400 to 500 visitors start on your blog. Then you google adsense   Connect to Adsense is an advertising program. Which pays us when Ads are clicked .

16. Domain name sell / purchase

Domain name is the address of any site / blog . Like – publicvoice.co.in , facbook.com , twitter.com are also good option to earn money . you   Any Cheap Domain   Booked by Bkhost.in Godaddy.com , sedo.com   Website   On   You can go and sell it at a high price .

17. Data entry job

Without any expense, you have to read data from one format and type data in another format.
Read data from ex-pdf file and type in Excel sheet.
For this, you should have knowledge of Computer Basic and Ms office. You can earn Rs 8000/10000 a month.
You can work on these sites.

18. Email marketing

Before starting email marketing, it is very easy to know that people do email marketing in 2 ways.
One is by sending your goods and services direct to the Email Address, for which you need an Email Account, which you get to be created anywhere for free.
The second way people do is by using Email Marketing Software, which gives you many new tools from which you can send Subscribers to Automatic Email without any effort. You can easily do Email Marketing.
To start email marketing, you must first collect the email address and all the email addresses should be such that people have to open them, only then you will be able to do successful email marketing and earn money from email marketing.
You should have at least 5 to 6 thousand email address. Then you will be able to earn from it.

19. Virtual assistant

Average   Earning : Rs 250 per hour for newcomers
800 rupees per hour after 2 years of experience
How to start
Virtual assistants sit away and provide administrative support to companies. His work includes data entry, managing projects, scheduling appointments, maintaining websites and blogs, providing customer service, creating presentations from data, etc.
To become a virtual assistant, you should have good communication skills, basics of MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint. You must have the ability to multitasking to deal with multiple clients. No special qualification is required for this work. But you can participate in certificate and training programs for credibility in the market. To find work, you can visit job listings, career sites and freelancing websites such as UpWork.com and Freelancer.com on LinkedIn. As the experience increases, you can build your website and market your work through social media to expand the network.

20. Social media management

Average earning Rs 1.1 lakh per month
How to start
Due to the increasing growth in online advertising and marketing, there is increasing demand for people who can manage the social media presence of businessmen. In addition to contacting a social media site for a company, many other tasks are also involved in social media management.
Developing online marketing strategy in social media management, monitoring presence on social media using analytics tools, analyzing data points, conducting research on target audiences, running social media campaigns and ads, changing marketing strategy to change trends Works like Lana and Brand Building are included. If you can solve any problem, have proficiency in SEO writing and mastering marketing tools, then this job is for you. If you do not already have an experience, for basic information, many websites can do an online course on social media management offered by Udemy.com , Lynda.com and Edx.org .
All these websites will help you to earn money from home online | Now internet user growing rapidly so you can take benefits of internet through online earning | Here very good opportunity in 2020 for online earning 
I hope you   Of course   Liked it   Will be you   Your opinion   Comment   You can tell   Share in friends   Do not forget to do. If you have any idea and queries you can share in comment section 

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