Odisha fashion trends that You need know about

Odisha fashion trends
Odisha fashion
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Odisha, located on the eastern coast of India, is a state rich in cultural heritage and traditions. Its fashion trends are a reflection of its vibrant history, diverse communities, and unique craftsmanship. In recent years, Odisha’s fashion scene has undergone a transformation, blending traditional elements with contemporary styles to create a distinct and captivating fashion identity.

Odisha’s fashion trends draw inspiration from its indigenous textiles, handlooms, and handicrafts, which have been passed down through generations. The state is renowned for its exquisite silk fabrics, particularly the famous Odisha Silk Sarees, such as Sambalpuri, Bomkai, and Kotpad, which showcase intricate weaving techniques and elaborate motifs.

One of the defining characteristics of Odisha’s fashion is its emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Artisans and weavers in the region are known for using natural dyes and traditional handloom techniques, preserving both the environment and the cultural heritage of the state.

Moreover, Odisha’s fashion trends are also influenced by its various festivals and rituals. Traditional attire plays a significant role in these celebrations, with people donning beautifully crafted garments that are symbolic of their cultural identity.

In recent times, Odisha’s fashion designers and artists have been exploring innovative ways to infuse modernity into their creations while preserving the essence of the state’s rich cultural heritage. This fusion of traditional and contemporary styles has garnered attention not only in India but also on the international stage, making Odisha a rising star in the world of fashion.

Whether it’s the timeless elegance of Odisha Silk Sarees, the intricate detailing of Odisha jewelry, or the fusion of traditional and modern attire, Odisha’s fashion trends are a celebration of its heritage, craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability. This unique blend of tradition and innovation makes Odisha a fascinating and evolving hub in the world of fashion.

Top 20 Odisha fashion trends

Fashion trends can change rapidly, but as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide you with a list of some prominent and timeless fashion trends from Odisha. Keep in mind that trends may have evolved since then, but these elements are likely to remain influential in Odisha’s fashion landscape:

  1. Sambalpuri Silk Sarees: These are iconic silk sarees known for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and traditional motifs. They are a staple in every Odia woman’s wardrobe.
  2. Bomkai Silk Sarees: Another variety of silk sarees from Odisha, Bomkai sarees are known for their intricate threadwork and borders, often depicting traditional Odia designs.
  3. Kotpad Handloom: Kotpad is a small village in Odisha famous for its organic, handwoven fabrics, primarily used for sarees and stoles. The natural dyes used give them a unique appeal.
  4. Pattachitra Art: Pattachitra is a traditional Odia art form that involves intricate scroll paintings depicting mythological stories. This art is often seen on clothing, especially as blouse designs and kurta patterns.
  5. Silver Filigree Jewelry: Odisha is known for its exquisite silver filigree jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and bangles, crafted with intricate patterns and designs.
  6. Appliqué Work: Odisha is renowned for its colorful appliqué work on textiles, which includes designs on sarees, dupattas, and even home decor items.
  7. Khandua Silk: Khandua silk is used for making traditional Odia sarees and is characterized by its rich colors and intricate weaving patterns.
  8. Traditional Odia Jewelry: This includes traditional Odia necklaces, earrings, and bangles, often made of silver and adorned with unique motifs.
  9. Dhokra Art Jewelry: Dhokra is a traditional metal casting technique used to create rustic and artistic jewelry pieces.
  10. Traditional Men’s Attire: Traditional Odia men’s attire includes dhotis, kurta, and Gamucha (a traditional cotton towel) which is often used as an accessory.
  11. Sambalpuri Dress Materials: Sambalpuri fabrics are popular for dress materials, allowing people to create custom outfits.
  12. Temple Jewelry: Odisha is famous for its temple jewelry, characterized by intricate designs and often featuring Lord Jagannath motifs.
  13. Handwoven Dupattas: Handwoven dupattas with traditional Odia motifs and designs are often paired with contemporary outfits.
  14. Tribal Jewelry: Odisha has several tribal communities, each with their unique jewelry styles, often characterized by the use of beads, shells, and metals.
  15. Ikat Patterns: Ikat is a popular weaving technique used in Odisha for creating beautiful patterns on sarees, dresses, and accessories.
  16. Contemporary Odia Designers: Several contemporary Odia fashion designers are blending traditional elements with modern silhouettes and fabrics.
  17. Bomkai Kurtas: Bomkai patterns and motifs are also popular on kurtas and other modern clothing items.
  18. Jute Accessories: Eco-friendly jute accessories, such as bags and footwear, are becoming increasingly popular in Odisha.
  19. Natural Dyes: The use of natural dyes made from ingredients like turmeric, indigo, and madder root is a sustainable trend in Odisha’s fashion.
  20. Odissi Dance Costumes: The elegant and traditional costumes of Odissi dancers influence contemporary fashion, especially in the realm of ethnic and fusion wear.

Please note that fashion trends can vary from region to region and change with time. For the most up-to-date information on Odisha fashion trends, it’s a good idea to consult local fashion magazines, designers, or influencers.

Odia Fashion

here are some Odia fashion trends that are prevalent:

  1. Traditional Odia Attire:

    Odisha fashion trends that You need know about
    The traditional attire of Odisha, known as “Sambalpuri,” is famous for its vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Sambalpuri sarees and dhotis with Ikat designs were popular choices for special occasions and festivals.
  2. Silver Jewelry:

    Odia women often adorned themselves with intricately designed silver jewelry. These pieces were not only fashionable but also held cultural and traditional significance.
  3. Handloom Fabrics:

    Handwoven fabrics like Ikat, Bomkai, and Sambalpuri were gaining prominence. These fabrics were used not only in sarees but also in modern clothing like kurtas, dresses, and blouses.
  4. Rasa Sarees:

    Rasa sarees, inspired by the ancient Odissi dance form, were a unique trend. These sarees featured intricate motifs and designs depicting scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

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  5. Contemporary Fusion:

    A trend of blending traditional Odia textiles with contemporary silhouettes and designs emerged. This fusion created a distinctive style that combined the richness of tradition with modern aesthetics.
  6. Accessories and Embellishments:

    Odia fashion often incorporated traditional accessories like ‘kardhani’ (waist belt), ‘jhoomka’ (traditional earrings), and ‘chandan bindi’ (sandalwood bindi) to complement the overall look.
  7. Odia Handicrafts:

    Odisha fashion trends that You need know about
    Handcrafted textiles, accessories, and home decor items from Odisha, such as Pattachitra paintings, appliqué work, and palm leaf crafts, were integrated into fashion and lifestyle choices.
  8. Textile Revival:

    Efforts were being made to revive traditional weaving techniques and patterns. This revival not only supported local artisans but also brought back forgotten textile traditions.
  9. Cultural Celebrations:

    During cultural festivals like Rath Yatra, the fashion choices of Odia people often showcased their pride and connection to their heritage. People would dress up in traditional attire to celebrate these occasions.


In conclusion, Odisha’s fashion trends are a captivating blend of traditional heritage and contemporary innovation. The state’s rich cultural diversity and commitment to sustainable craftsmanship have shaped its unique fashion identity. From the iconic Sambalpuri and Bomkai silk sarees to intricate Pattachitra art and silver filigree jewelry, Odisha’s fashion scene showcases a deep-rooted connection to its cultural roots.

The use of natural dyes, handwoven textiles, and traditional techniques not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of Odisha’s fashion but also underscores its commitment to eco-friendly practices. The influence of temple motifs, tribal jewelry, and Odissi dance costumes adds depth and authenticity to the fashion landscape.

Moreover, Odisha’s contemporary designers are increasingly merging traditional elements with modern silhouettes and fabrics, catering to a broader audience while keeping the essence of Odia culture intact. Whether it’s in the form of handwoven dupattas, intricate Ikat patterns, or fusion wear inspired by Odissi dance costumes, the state’s fashion designers continue to push the boundaries of creativity.

In summary, Odisha’s fashion trends are a testament to the enduring legacy of its craftsmanship and the dynamic evolution of its fashion industry. This fusion of tradition and innovation makes Odisha’s fashion scene not only culturally rich but also relevant on the global stage, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of fashion worldwide.

Odisha fashion trends
Odisha fashion trends fusion with Bengali style


here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Odisha fashion trends:

  1. What are the most famous traditional textiles from Odisha?
    • The most famous traditional textiles from Odisha include Sambalpuri Silk Sarees, Bomkai Silk Sarees, and Kotpad handloom fabrics, known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors.
  2. What is unique about Odisha’s handwoven textiles?
    • Odisha’s handwoven textiles are known for their use of natural dyes, traditional weaving techniques, and intricate motifs that often depict local culture and stories.
  3. What is the significance of silver filigree jewelry in Odisha?
    • Silver filigree jewelry is renowned in Odisha for its intricate designs and craftsmanship. It often features motifs related to Lord Jagannath and is a significant part of the state’s cultural heritage.
  4. How has Odisha’s fashion industry evolved in recent years?
    • In recent years, Odisha’s fashion industry has evolved by incorporating contemporary designs and silhouettes while maintaining a strong connection to its traditional roots. Many designers are blending traditional and modern elements to create unique fashion statements.
  5. What are some sustainable fashion practices in Odisha?
    • Sustainable fashion practices in Odisha include the use of natural dyes, organic fabrics, and traditional handloom techniques that are eco-friendly. These practices help preserve the environment while promoting traditional craftsmanship.
  6. Are there specific fashion trends influenced by Odissi dance costumes?
    • Yes, Odissi dance costumes, known for their elegance and grace, have influenced fashion trends in the form of draped sarees, intricately designed blouses, and accessories inspired by the dance form.
  7. Where can I find authentic Odisha fashion items?
    • Authentic Odisha fashion items can be found in local boutiques, government-run emporiums, and online marketplaces specializing in Odisha’s traditional textiles and jewelry.
  8. Do Odisha fashion trends have international appeal?
    • Yes, Odisha’s fashion trends have gained international recognition for their unique designs, craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. They are increasingly appreciated by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.
  9. What is the significance of Pattachitra art in Odisha fashion?
    • Pattachitra art, with its intricate scroll paintings depicting mythological stories, is often incorporated into Odisha fashion, especially as blouse designs, kurta patterns, and accessories, adding a touch of traditional artistry to contemporary attire.
  10. Are there any emerging fashion designers from Odisha making a mark in the industry?
    • Yes, several emerging fashion designers from Odisha have gained recognition for their innovative designs and efforts to promote Odisha’s traditional textiles and craftsmanship on the national and international fashion stage.

Please note that the fashion landscape is dynamic, and trends may evolve over time. For the latest information on Odisha fashion trends and practices, it’s advisable to consult local fashion experts, designers, and resources.


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