What is YouTube? What is the history of YouTube?

what is youtube

What is YouTube? What is the history of YouTube?

What is YouTube?

Friends, many computer / internet users know very well about YouTube, what is YouTube and what is its work on the internet, then friends have come to some internet on such computers / internet who do not know what YouTube is YouTube. What is history, who created YouTube, where did it go.

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you what YouTube is YouTube, why we use YouTube, who made YouTube, in which country, when YouTube is made, how to make money from YouTube, today we will only discuss things related to YouTube and related to it. Many things will be known.
What is YouTube?
Friends, when it comes to watching videos or uploading videos on the Internet, we remember YouTube. YouTube is a platform on the Internet where millions of videos are uploaded and videos are viewed today. YouTube is at the forefront of being talked about.
Today, YouTube is being used extensively by the public television to watch news, movies, and at the same time their number is increasing day by day YouTube user can watch and upload in Video Free. There is no limit inside it that you can watch YouTube so many videos on the internet, YouTube is a free service which has millions of users in the world, yet there is no platform on the internet where there is more video than YouTube. It went to load and went viewed.

What is the history of YouTube?

Friends, YouTube was created by an American company, Google, so it has been called a product of Google. Jawed Karim, Chard Hurley, Steve Chen is the biggest contributor to creating YouTube. He created the YouTube video sharing platform on 14 / February / 2005. And the first video was uploaded to YouTube on 23 / April / 2005, “Me at the Zoo”. This video was uploaded to YouTube Founder “Jawed Karim’s” Jawed YouTube “channel. This video was of a Zoo in which YouTube founder Jawed Karim after this Zoo Telling sector and build the “Jawed” YouTube Channel had Jawed Karim and it was the first YouTube Channel of the world.

# Note – “Jawed YouTube Channel” was the world’s first Jawed YouTube Channel created by YouTube’s founder on 24 / April / 2005 but the first video on this world’s first YouTube Channel was “Me at the Zoo” on 23 / April / 2005 Was done which we can not tell you what is wrong with YouTube because the channel is first created on YouTube and the video is uploaded after the channel is created. #

Why is YouTube used?
Friends, YouTube is a video sharing platform, when it comes to watching videos on the internet, this platform is used the most. YouTube today has all kinds of videos where you watch videos related to education, watch videos related to cooking, training. Watch related videos or watch entertainment related videos, all types of videos are available on YouTube. Millions of videos will be found, because every kind of video is uploaded in millions of videos through YouTube Channel Publisher, so millions of subscribers watch these videos.

Today, the student does not join any type of coaching class related to his subjects, because he finds videos related to his subject on the YouTube YouTube channel and those students see those videos and compile the subjects related to their studies.

Not only students, many internet users are learning many things by watching videos on YouTube channel and people are also learning things like taking gym training, cooking or learning etc.

How to make money with youtube

Friends, due to the internet being cheaper today, many people have come online, they spend more and more time on the Internet, for which they do not have any interest in any kind of offline things like television, magazine, book, because it They use everything related to the internet through offline which is offline, and when it comes to videos, the name of the Internet YouTube Channel comes first. Because, whatever else you see on your television that-that thing is also uploaded to YouTube Channel,

Due to which today the user is spending the most time on YouTube except television, due to this, many big companies should advertise to the YouTube / Google company to advertise their brand / service or product to television for promotion. And have been promoting their business by promoting their brand / service or product.

When the publisher uploads the video to their YouTube channel, the YouTube company takes an advertisement from its advertisers and places it on their publisher’s video, which makes the publisher earn money from their YouTube channel and if seen, the biggest way to earn money from the YouTube channel is There is only advertising.

# Note – Friends, you can earn money not only from YouTube Channel but also in many other ways like – Moral promotion of a company, Reviewing the product of a company etc. #

Some interesting things about YouTube –
Friends YouTuber can upload at least 100 videos in a day on YouTube Channel.

YouTube is not a company by itself, its owner is Google, hence it is also called Google’s video sharing platform service.
There are millions of videos uploaded on YouTube in a day, but it is not possible to tell how many millions of videos are uploaded in a day.
Internet users watch millions of videos a day on YouTube.
Creating channels and uploading videos on YouTube is quite easy.
With the arrival of YouTube, the number of television viewers has reduced considerably.
Today, big advertisers are advertising to the television company Youtub / Google.
The first YouTube channel named “Jawed” was created on 24 / April / 2005 on YouTube, but how the video was uploaded to “Me at the Zoo” on 23 / April / 2005 on this channel.

What are the benefits of YouTube to Internet users?
With the arrival of YouTube, today any information can be taken through video.
Today, due to YouTube, we can study any subject from home.
Due to YouTube, we can hear our message all over the world through video.
Through YouTube, you can train from any place to any place in the world and learn anything.
YouTube has become a very big way of doing jobs at home.

Hopefully, what YouTube is YouTube, why we use YouTube, who made YouTube, in which country, when YouTube was made, how to make money from YouTube, what are the benefits of YouTube, what is YouTube’s interesting and lots of YouTube related information Would have liked it and this information would have proved very useful for you, so keep visiting our blog for more similar information.

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