Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location Odisha

pre wedding photoshoot location in odisha

There are several Photography Location in odisha . Odisha is a place of Natural Beauty here lot of places available where every scenery will touch your heart . If You Planning For Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location in Odisha then its a great idea . There are lot of Pre Wedding location For Wedding Photography . Our Team Visited Different Places for review but here we listed Some Selected pre Wedding Photoshoot location For you .

Photography is the craftsmanship, application, and practice of catching light to make durable pictures. It is utilized in a verity of circumstances. Science, assembling and business, as well as its more quick application in acting, film and hubby and mass correspondence. Photography is one of the new media types that is changing of society’s vision and construction. explicitly I am alluding to people who inspired by style writing for a blog, content turn of events, photography or who basically need to dive more deeply into design.

They all appreciate doing photoshoots since it offers them the fulfillment of catching everybody’s consideration with a solitary post. so assuming you’re searching for a beautiful area for your next photography of your pre-wedding photoshoot in Odisha, here’s a rundown of choices.

List Of Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location In odisha

1. Mukteswar Temple, Bhubaneswar

Temples are a must have location to shoot, go early morning for the shoot would allow beautiful soft light and clutter free backgrounds. So I recommend to choose the temple with less crowd and good architecture. and please maintain the decorum of the religious place and dress accordingly. It is situated in old-town, Bhubaneswar in Odisha.

2. Hotel crystal crown, Bhubaneswar

  • Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location Odisha

Crystal crown is a great choice for photoshoot, it is a largest place an one stop solutions for your big day. so you can select this location for your pre or post wedding photoshoot. It is situated in Infosys area Bhubaneswar, Odisha. So relaxed and happy people always make the lovely photos and love to capture the joy and happiness between them.

3. Puri Golden Beach

Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location Odisha
Puri golden beach

Puri golden beach is a outstanding locations for your photoshoot. It is known for being a tourist attraction and a Hindu sacred place. when you plan for this place of your shoot then you will take two days and spent more time in every places of Puri. This place is highly recommended to you.

4. Toshali sand Resort, Puri

Toshali Sand is a ethnic village Resort, it has a large outdoor swimming pool area. Toshali sand has a privet beach where you can shoot with beautiful view. Here stay and food facilities are available. Head here during the early morning you’ll have easy weather and lesser crowd for the shoot. surely, this would be a great choice if you’re looking glories photoshoot location in Odisha.

5. Swosti Chilika Resort

Swosti Chilika Resort is an embodiment of cotemporary design inspired by its natural surroundings. It is also the largest coastal lagoon in India. This resort is surrounded by lush green plantations, varied flor and fauna, exquisite migratory birds and picturesque villages in and around the resorts make it one of the beautiful you can plan here to pose or soot to get an extraordinary output.

6. Nua Goa Nature Retreat, Cuttack

Nua Goa situated in Nuapada village, Sapha Tangi in Odisha. It is a best place for your shoot because of natural view. You find there some coconut trees, pool, cottage, birds and crafts. so in that place you feel like, you are in Goa environment. Stay the day and get surprised by how it looks through the lens. The Nua goa view is very attraction for photoshoot, so come here and enjoy lots and know more about Nua Goa.

7. Aryapalli Marine Beach, Berhampur

  • Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location Odisha

Aryapalli Marine Beach situated about 20kms from Berhampur. you can see ships in Gopalpur port near this place. while the weather is a little humid in the noon, it is pleasant towards early morning and evening and this view is looking outstanding, so prewedding soot in Aryapalli marine Beach becoming a hot destination for couples now a days.

8. Rambha, Berhampur

Rambha is situated in Berhampur, Ganjam. It is also superhit pre-wedding photoshoot location in Odisha. It is south most point of Chilika lake with all tourist. Beauty of Rambha attracts large number of migratory birds . so, you can enjoy complete privacy, especially for early morning shoots, the weather is pleasing throughout.

9. Nehru Bangla, Paradeep

Nehru Bangla is a nice place. It is located a short distance of 12kms from the Paradeep Beach. It is best place to chill, sit on rocks see the sunset and listen to the waves hitting the rocks. This view makes you stress free. so, get your facts right before you hop on to get your dream pre-wedding photoshoot.

10. Harbal Garden Picnic spot, Daringbadi

Herbal Garden is located in Daringbadi city of Kandhamal district. It has many natural places like waterfalls, hill station, picnic ground, and herbal garden. When you are plan for your wedding shoot, You feel like you are in Darjeeling. So plan for this beautiful place.

11. Pitamahal Dam, Rourkela

Pitamahal Dam is located on river Brahmani, near balanda village of Kuarmunda Tehsil in Sundargarh district, Rourkela, Odisha. It is a popular spot, and there is a beautiful park. So you can go ahead. This is a perfect spot for your best pre-wedding snapshots.

12. Vikramkhol Cave, Jharsuguda

Vikramkhol cave is located in Jharsuguda. After travelling towards Hemgir from Jharsuguda one can arrived at village Grindola. From Grindola, Vikramkhol is few kilometer ahead on Hemgir road. One can find a small temple on right side and way to Vikramkhol on left side. The cave is formation of rough sandstone. It is very attractive location for your pre-wedding shoot. so make a plan for this location and get more details Vikramkhol Cave.

Well, Odisha is place of natural beauty and has a lot of beautiful places for photoshoot. If you follow the trends or want to discover some beautiful places for your pre-wedding photoshoot then here list is for you. so clean those lenses, ready your equipment for your some stunning photographs and lifelong memories.

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