Jawaharlal Nehru Biography

jawaharlal nehru biography

Jawaharlal Nehru Biography

Jawaharlal Nehru Biography || secrets behind jawaharlal indian freedom. What was the secret face behind Indian freedom fight jawaharlal nehru biography face

Jawaharlal Nehru was the soul of the country. He had said, “The people of my country, my Indian brothers and sisters, have given me so much love and love so much that no matter what I do, a small part of it cannot be changed.” The truth is that it is not possible to give anything in return. Many people in this world, who are considered to be good, respected and respected, were worshiped, but the people of India, small and big, rich and poor, sisters and brothers of all sections have given me the love to tell me It is difficult for me and I am buried.

This shows how big the person who has said this will be. There is hardly any love in the history of the world that few people have met. Jawaharlal has said this. There is no doubt that he dominated the hearts of the people of the seventh part of the world’s population for almost half a century, or to say that he should remain a reckless emperor. During the freedom struggle of India, probably the most people who were truly great were born like Gandhi.
Gandhiji’s life is such a part of Indian history that it cannot be separated from him. Similarly, the life of Nehru (Jawaharlal Nehru), especially after the attainment of independence, is such that one cannot separate from Indian history even if one wants to. The life is so extensive that like the moonlit night and the endless moonbeams are covered in the Indian sky. If someone has a personal life, then his life can be summarized in ten-five pages, but after the death of Jawaharlal’s wife Kamala, he had nothing of his own, everything that was belonged to the public and the public What can be less than the history or life of a person? [jawaharlal nehru biography]

Jawaharlal Ji (Jawaharlal Nehru) said that his father Motilal Nehru was not a religious man. He did not like many old customs. They broke them and were expelled from the community. He was very fond of sports rather than writing, but he was smart in studies. Once he got B.A. Sat the exam Gave the first form but understood that it was not good, so the rest of the leaflets were not done and went for a tour of the Taj Mahal. That form was corrected, so the teacher bothered not to sit in other papers.

History jawaarlal nehru

Jawaharlal (Jawaharlal Nehru) was born on 14 November 1889 in the house of such rebellious father. Every good son respects his parents. Nehru has said about his father “He was a very strong man of intent.” I respect him a lot. I consider him an idol of strength, courage and intelligence. He was greatly exaggerated compared to others. I used to pack my heart’s plan that I will be like a father when I grow up ”.

Like Jawaharlal Nehru’s uncle Nandlal ji, Motilal ji’s advocacy shone well. He earned a lot of money and started living very well. Bought a big kothi in Allahabad and got it built afresh. The whole family lived in it. His name is Anand Bhawan. The name of Allahabad is known by all the people of our country because the three rivers of the country are found here. This scene was not forgotten by Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru ji has written, “Wherever I spent my childhood, I always saw Ganga. There has always been a love for the Ganges in my heart.
The boy Jawaharlal Nehru remained the only one till the age of eleven. The second two flowing forms (Vijayalakshmi) and Krishna were born later. So many days, Jawahar got the whole caress of the parents. In the evening many friends used to visit Jawahar’s father. They used to laugh a lot of gossip, laughed and filled the house with laughter. Dad used to laugh a lot, his laughter had become a famous thing. Children used to peep at them with the curtain of Jawahar curtain. They used to try to know what these big people talk.


What is nehru biography?

Jawaharlal nehru biography ; Motilal ji sometimes got angry very quickly. Once Jawaharlal was beaten. Later cream and ointment were applied on the body. In the life of Jawahar ji, when the fifteenth came out, there was an attraction towards English living. Till now Jawaharlal had studied at home. First the British Daiya was placed. She teaches them to get up and move. Later, other teachers came. At the age of ten, an Englishman named Brooks was hired to teach him. He teaches English.

jawaharlal nehru biography : A Pandit used to study Sanskrit. The child listens to Jawahar Ghanta Kahaniya from Dad’s Munshi Mubarak Ali. Munshi ji used to narrate stories of Gadar. Elder women of the house used to narrate stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. In those days, new zeal and thoughts began to arise in Jawahar’s heart. These days he started reading newspapers too. Also listen to cousins’ talks. Some people of Africa tried to be independent, they started the freedom struggle. News started appearing in newspapers.

Jawaharlal Nehru thought, why don’t we fight against the British? Why not liberate your country? Why not drive them away from here? Kishore Jawahar used to think, “I will also liberate my country, I will also get my country discharged from the atrocities of the British” Nehruji said that I have always been interested in revolution. Thoughts of liberating the country thrived in his heart. He used to think big things of bravery. These days Jawaharlal went to England with his father. Mother and sister Swaroop were also together.

They reached London on May 1905. Motilal ji saw the famous hero school of London. Liked school He wanted to teach his Jawahar in such a school and got him admitted to study there. Family members went on a trip to Europe. He returned to India from there. Jawaharlal started feeling lonely. All the men were new, they used to miss the house. I used to remember the love of parents, but after a few days, my mind started playing in school and play. Also got acquainted with new colleagues.
SW years later started studying at the famous Cambridge College in England. He was happy to come here. Stayed three years in Cambridge. After completing his Cambridge education, he started studying law to become a barrister. He studied law for two years and came to India as a barrister. After coming to India, his mind would be a bit uprooted. Started balkat but do not mind in court, club, friends and daily activities. At that time the leaders of the hot party like Tilak etc. were kept in jails. Jawahar wanted that the work of independence of the country should go faster. “jawaharlal nehru biography”

Jawaharlal Nehru met Gandhiji for the first time in 1916. He had already read and heard about Gandhiji’s works and praised him. After this, the British made new laws which were about to humiliate the country against which the leaders expressed their opposition. In the same way, the freedom struggle started intensifying and people were being thrown in jail.

secret face behind jawaharlal nehru biography

In 1916, Nehru was married to Kamala in Delhi with great pomp. At that time, the whole family was participating in politics and Kamala ji’s health was not good, but Nehru ji continued to participate in the freedom struggle as per Gandhiji’s orders. Went to jail many times – spend years in jail. In these long years of freedom struggle, Nehru ji, other leaders, rather say that the people of the country suffered many hardships, suffered atrocities and finally the day came when the country became independent.

The declaration of independence of the country was made in the Lahore Congress of 1929 on 26 January. Nehru was the president of this session. If Jawahar was the soul of Gandhiji’s freedom struggle, Gurudev Ravind used to say “Jawaharlal is courageous. He is sure of his words, he does not panic. Do not change it with determination. He will be dear to everyone. He will become the biggest leader of the country ”. Gandhiji used to say “Jawaharlal will take care of me after my death, I will be my real heir”.

After independence, the reins of the country remained in his hands. He laid the foundation of democracy in the country, made it firm. He separated religion from politics to remove communalism. Strived to overcome the conflicts of the world and did not join any group. In international relations, he promoted the policy of “Panchsheel”. Nehru wrote in his biography, “The greatest prizes of life are only after disappointment, harsh behavior and separation”.

Ok, we got freedom after difficulties but we had to face many troubles to protect it. Of course freedom was attained after many troubles. The British had to suffer many troubles, but still they did not have enmity with the British. World-renowned philosopher Bartand Russell wrote “It is a matter of great surprise that after independence, Nehru did not have even a little bit of hatred and bitterness towards the nation which had enslaved and imprisoned his country”. |(@jawaharlal nehru biography)

Even after liberating the nation, Nehru did not sit peacefully because the biggest task to bring the country up high was still to be done. He did this work with true dedication and foresight. Poverty was the biggest problem of the country. Five year plans were made to solve this and to groom the country. This marked the beginning of a new era in India. Nehruji guided the country in this work. New new factories, big hydro-power plants, dams and public development schemes were made. It was Nehru who worked hard in this work. Nehruji was also a famous writer and thinker. His famous books are “Glimpses of World History” “Discovering India” “Father’s letters to daughter’s name”. Nehru was in favor of world peace. In 1962, an unexpected attack on India by a friendly country like Communist China made him very sad.

jawaharlal nehru biography

In the 20-22 years of independence, Nehru became close to the hearts of the people, he became dear to everyone, but on 27th May 1964, the sad hour of separation came and Nehru left heaven leaving the entire nation alone. Indians did not forget him even after his death. Referring to how much love people had with him, he wrote in his will, “The people of my country, my Hindustani brothers and sisters have given me so much love and love, no matter what they do, they have not changed their small part The truth is that love is such a precious thing that it is not possible to give anything in return.

He loved not only the people of this country but also the holy soil of this country and the Ganges and Yamuna. That is why, in the will, Nehru expressed his desire and wrote, “When I die, my bones should be sent to Allahabad. A handful of them should be poured into the Ganges. I have no religious feelings behind it. I have loved Ganga and Yamuna since childhood and as I grew up, this attachment grew. What to do with the rest of my ashes, I want it to be scattered on the plane in high altitude, on the fields where the farmers of India work hard so that it can get into the soil of India and become part of it. “| {jawaharlal nehru biography}

Today India and Nehru are not two separate things, who can separate them? They dissolve and become unified. In 1955, this precious jewel of India was decorated with “Bharat Ratna”, in fact, it was to enhance the decoration. The person who was in the hands of the country as Prime Minister for 18 years, who gave a new look to this ancient country, laid the foundation of new works and gave new direction to policies, that person was Bharat Ratna but who removed the tension from all over the world Put all his power to do, can he be bound by the borders of a country? In fact, he is world-wise and a world jewel.

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