What is software, its types and how to create it?

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What is software, its types and how to create it?

There is no need to tell you what is software (Software in Hindi) and types of software ; Because anyone who uses smartphone or computer, they are already aware of this word. A few years ago, when you were aware of the human computer, you would probably be a small child.

But after the arrival of computer, our life changed completely. We have become so lazy that we are doing more work through computer or mobile. We have no fault in this because our life has become easy with this computer.

By the way, if a computer is seen, it is just an electronic device that can perform many operations simultaneously. For example, this many computation is also very high speed, which hardly any ordinary machine or our human mind could ever do.

It is made up of many physical and tangible components that we can touch and feel, these are called hardware and the programs and commands that drive these hardwares are called software. called .

Today, the article you are reading is also reading from a software called Web Browser which is an Application Software. Just like there are hats, feet, noses, ears, eyes in our body, along with this, mercy, maya, love, bodies are also inside us. Likewise Computer is composed of two things the Hardware and the Software K Hand, legs, nose, ears, eyes are the hardware of our body that we can put hands on. At the same time, mercy, love, love, pain are all software of our body, which we cannot touch.

In today’s time, all the digital devices such as mobile, desktop, tab, laptop , oven all have software programs. So let’s know what is software and what are these types .

What is software?

What is Software ? Definition : “ Software is a collection of many programs that perform a specific task (Task) of a computer. “Software is a set of programs which perform a specific Task” .

All the tasks we do in our computer are done only through this software. The software is referred to the set of instructions that are fed into the form of programs, so that they can govern the entire computer system and also process other hardware components.

These are the commands that drive the hardware. MS-WORD in which we do some TYPE. Photoshop in which we edit photos. Chrome by Internet Access do that Browser adds.

Examples of software are Google Chrome, Photoshop, MS-WORD, VLC Player, UC Browser etc.

Why can’t we see or hide softwares?

We can neither see softwares with our eyes nor touch it with our hands. This is because it has no physical existence. It is a virtual object that can only be understood.

We can never run our computer and mobile without software application.

Software Examples:

Antivirus – AVG, Housecall, McAfee, Norton
Audio / Music program – iTunes, WinAmp
Database Access – MySQL SQL
Device drivers – Computer drivers
E-mail – Outlook, Thunderbird
Game – Madden, NFL Football, Quake, World of Warcraft
Internet browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer
Movie player – VLC, Windows Media Player
Operating system – Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Photo / Graphics program – Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDRAW
Presentation – PowerPoint
Programming language – C++, HTML, Java, Perl, Visual Basic (VB)
Simulation – Flight simulator SimCity
Spreadsheet – MS Excel
Utility – Compression, Disk Cleanup, Encryption, Registry cleaner, Screensaver
Word- processor MS Word

Software Definition

The collection of instructions or programs is called software, these programs make the computer usable for users.

Like Operating System, Android OS (Operating System) Software is first installed in Mobile / Computer, only then you use it. Now the question comes, what is this programs and Instruction . Before this you must have knowledge of Programming Language.

What is Programming Language :

Talking about Programming Language, then it is a language or language through which Computer Software and Application is made. There are many keywords , functions and rules in it. Through these rules, we write such programs, programs which the computer understands and perform some guided tasks.

Or can also say that software is made using Programming Language.

For example C, C ++, JAVA, PHP, My SQL, .NET, COBOL and FOXPRO are all names of a Programming Language.

All the applications you are seeing in the Play store and all the software in the Internet, they are all developed by these Programming Languages. We write programs from them only.


What are Programs and Instruction?

A program is formed by mixing many Instructions . To write all these programs, Programming Language is used. You may have also read that “Write a Program to Check whether the Number is Prime or Not” in your college. This is an example of a program.

What is cpu and how does it work?

What is Desktop Computer and when did it come
You must have seen calculators in computers. In which you can do Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Now here, Calculator is a software, while in it separate programs for Addition, separate programs for Subtraction, similar programs are written for Multiplication and Division. When these four programs are added in one place, then a big program is created, which is called Software .


What is instruction?

A program has 4 to 5 line code. Which makes small work of a software. Which is called Instruction . Each line in the Instruction is called Command . Now let’s learn how many types of this software.

Types of software
They have been made to ease our work and to do it in a short time. Every day, we wake up and use a software, even if it is a Whats app. Now these articles are also read through a Browser software.



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