Business without capital (A small idea, can change your life)

Business without capital || what is software
Unemployment is spread like disease in the country. Now what are the reasons behind this? Will understand it through another past. If you are unemployed and do not have enough money to open your own business. So you don’t have to worry.
You can start a good job by investing very little through this past.
You read the post completely and carefully. Where the problem occurs. At the same time, the concept of business grows.
Village in your city, wherever you live. There people will definitely plan for the journey at some time. But people have to do all the planning themselves for the journey. Many people are not able to spend so much time in the running of their jobs or business, so that they can rotate their family or parents somewhere.
You will have to print two thousand templates in 500 rupees. On which your journey will start and where it will end and the date of travel will be approximately ten days after your template is delivered.
In these days, you can work to mobilize people. You will write the fare for the journey. Where you will stay, go to any hotel website and book it on a low budget and note all the facilities that are available in the hotel. So that no customer has objections later.
You can also arrange for a photographer, in which people remember the memory movement. Suppose, you booked a bus whose fare from Delhi to Haridwar is 80,000 / – Rs. Huh. Which has a seating capacity of 50 people.
You booked the hotel for one night. Which includes dinner and morning breakfast. You are charged one lakh rupees according to 2000 thousand per person of this service.
10,000 / – Rs. Let’s arrange. Which will give each person two photo copies.
Total expenses: – Bus – 80,000 / – Rs.
Hotel – 1,00,000 / – Rs.
Photographer – 10,000 / – Rs.
Total – 1,90,000 / – Rs.
You can take 4000 to 4500 rupees per person from one person. In this way, you can save ten to fifteen thousand on a trip. If you have removed three trips in a month, then you can earn 40 thousand to 50 thousand comfortably in your month.
The risk
Yes ! There are also risks such as not getting the customer according to your target or the refusal of a passenger in the last time. In such a situation you may be at a loss.
Reduce losses
When such a situation happens that your passengers fall short , then you can complete your passenger by going to any bus station . Your loss from   At least or not at all .
Travel time   Things to note : –
* Special to you   Generally your passengers have to take care of them. Any small thing you   To every person   Deliver yourself
* It is often seen that unless the passengers pay the money then   Till we treat them well. But as soon as we get paid   After that, we change our behavior .
Note : –   Examples are Figure . You can do more with less according to it. Our aim   Less   Thinking of starting your own business in investing   Are only You should start examining the environment around you very well . Because where in English are there no rick, no gain. Hence   Start it
2. Event Management company :

Event management is the well known high profitable business ideas with  No investment you can tieup Decorator , photographer , catering , hotel for event . you will get better commission without any investment ,

3. Job Consultancy : 

you can start a Job consultancy for placement . here no investment but good profit

4. Online Exam & Study Materials :

5. Blogging and adsense :

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