Corona virus an epidemic – Save yourself from corona virus

corona virus

Corona virus an epidemic

Friends, you must have heard the name of ‘corona’ virus on TV, social media, newspapers everywhere and you might also know that it is related to China.

* But you know where it started?
* Where was it first discovered?
* Has it been discovered before?
* How dangerous are these?
* Where have they spread?
* Should we have concerns?
To know the answers of all these questions, definitely read the post till the last.

1- What are ‘corona’ viruses?

‘Corona’ is the family of Virso. This can be understood as follows.
Which makes humans and animals sick. These viruses destroy the cells of your body and use those cells to make them viruses.
The ‘corona’ virus is named after its size. Its points are like inflated thorns. Because of which it looks like a crown. The crown is called Crown in English and Crown is called Corona in Latin hence it is named Corona virus.
If you think that the ‘corona’ virus has been discovered just a few days ago. So it is not like that. The ‘corona’ virus was discovered in the 1960s. Which has been discovered just a few days ago. This is the newest type of ‘corona’ virus. The most ‘corona’ virus is SARS (servers acute respiratory syndrome) + MERS (middle east respiratory syndrome). Both these viruses killed more than 1500 people. Interestingly, SARS has also been found in China.

2- Where did the ‘corona’ virus start spreading?

Where is it going that the new virus started spreading from an illegal animal market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. This market sells live animals, rare animals and other illegal animals for eating. Where does it also go to nCov.
N ➡ novel
C ➡ Corona
V ➡ Virus
Where is this Wuhan virus going? Case of this virus was first reported on 8 December. Some media believed the news, the Chinese government and the administration there gave it medicine and the news channel was banned from reporting, but they could not hide it for a long time. Some international newspapers had reported that the virus could be caused by the negligence of the Wuhan national safety leboratory or whether China wanted to be used as biological weapons. But the biological weapons expert described this theory as completely wrong and said that there is no symptom of engineered virus in this virus. This virus has become natural. Well this is a matter of debate.

3- How is the ‘corona’ virus spreading?

This virus is spread by touching or near the infected person or by touching or near the infected. Suppose if an Infected person sneaks and you touch that place and then you rub your eyes and nose, you can still be infected. But it has not yet been fully confirmed that the virus can spread exactly. Which are more dangerous because we would know for sure that it would spread, then we would have found different ways to avoid the ‘corona’ virus. This is known from the sources. That ‘corona’ virus is infecting the person of 50-65 years maximum. We have also come to know that ‘corona’ virus is infecting people who are already ill.
Now the questions are: –

4 – What are the treatment of ‘Corona’ virus?

This is a main important thinks. So friends, the most frightening thing is that Vacsin of this virus is not ready yet. Johnson & johnson Company has said that it will take at least 10 to 12 months to make Vaccine of ‘Corona’ virus. Even after that, she will only work for the test. That is, there is no surety that she will work.
The way in which the ‘corona’ virus can spread. In a few months, it can cause great harm. Now there is only one way to avoid this virus and that is the way to stop it from spreading. The Chinese administration has closed 16 cities including Wuhan. That is, no one can come in these cities and no one can go out. This knock down is the biggest Knock down in human history. Which is affecting the lives of 5 crore people.

Now let’s talk about Fact and Figure.

The full effect of ‘corona’ virus can be seen in 5 to 14 days. 1 crore people live in Wuhan city, about 50 lakh people have left from Wuhan city this month. That is, in 50 lakh people, some people have fallen prey to it, then there is a big danger for other people as well. If its prevention and treatment is not found at the right time, then it will be the most dangerous ‘corona’ virus ever.
At present, China has claimed 811 deaths and about 37000 people are suffering from this case.
Apart from China, 74 people have been reported related to ‘Corona’ virus worldwide. The victims of this virus are not only in China but also India, Cambodians, Canada, U.P. a. E, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Sigampur, South Africa, Thailand and America are also found. People from all over the world live in China. It also has students, businessmen and employees of multi-national companies. Many people go from China to India and India to China every day. The Indian government is looking to lift Indian people from China. Indian authorities have issued an advisory against the necessary travel to China.
In the month of February, IndiGo Air Line has canceled flights to China. The government has said this somewhere. Travelers coming from China to India will be tested for Ncov i.e. Wuhan ‘Corona’ virus. The ‘corona’ virus can do a lot of damage to China’s economy. Because Wuhan is a city of ten million people. Wuhan adds 12 lakh crores to China’s GDP. Every year 30 million Tourist visit Wuhan city and more than 300 big companies are located in Wuhan.
Best cities of China (GDP)
1- Shangi
2- Beijing
3- Shewzhen
4- Guangzhou
5- Chongqing
6- Tianjin
7- Suzhou
8- Chengdu
9- Wuhan
10- Hangzhou
It is not known whether the ‘corona’ virus is a side effect of China’s Experiment or natural or a result of China’s cruelty towards animals. They are quite irrational. Because China is the most populous country in the world. Despite this, there is no democracy. In China, big news is easily suppressed. The Chinese government does not ask for help from other countries nor does it allow other countries to interfere.
In such a situation, other countries can also be harmed.
In such a situation, your information and vigilance are the only means of protection.
Note – All information related to ‘Corona’ virus is invited. We have collected all this information from other sources. So that people can be made aware.

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