Students change thinking! And be an entrepreneur – Business Ideas 2024

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Students change thinking! And be an entrepreneur – Business Ideas 2024

I am going to tell four such business ideas which no one would have done in your area ( Be an entrepreneur ). Are you also worried about not getting a job and doing business plan, then this post will be very useful for you. By the way, you should do business according to your hobby and desire. But if you are not getting any business idea then you can help this idea. Today’s topic is very important about the life of students. There is a big problem of unemployment in the country. Today more than 60% of engineers are struggling with the problem of unemployment. The condition of MBA is even worse. 83% of the country’s students remain unemployed. They do not get a good job anywhere. After doing MBA from a simple college, today one of our students gets Rs. 10,000. Job is also not available. This is the situation of the engineers and MBA students of our country today, so think of students of B. Com, B. Sc, BA, what will happen to them? They have only one option left government job. If you do not get a government job, then you have to take 8-10 thousand rupees per month job of sales and marketing and have to work 10-12 hours. And in this way they are spoiling their lives, so why are not getting jobs after MBA and engineering. We all know that our education system is not able to produce good MBA and Engineers as needed for jobs.

There are many jobs but our engineers and MBAs are not fit and this is the only reason for not getting a job. Our low education system | When you get to the news paper, you get committed suicide due to lack of jobs. So very bad. The government is also unable to create jobs. So what to do?

If you do not get a job, then stop living, sit for the same job or education system or government. No, everyone cannot get a job. Students should put this thing in themselves, only then Entrepreneur can be born in our country. You also have to think about business. I am not saying that job preparation should not be done. Job preparation should be done carefully. But if you do not get a job, then you should be prepared for that too. I have seen many graduates who, after completing their age, start reducing their age and preparing for jobs. So read this post till last, and tell your friends also, if you have got a job, it is not right, if not more, a chance to become rich. So are you ready to do business?

1 – Catering service boys: –
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You have to supply service boys at weddings, parties, events. You will know how many weddings are there in India, how many events are there, how many parties are there. This business will always run
You must have seen today – tomorrow at weddings while wearing dress codes, then somewhere in a tie belly, then somewhere wearing regional dress. As the service boys of Rajputs have service boys in dresses of King Maharajas, they will be seen wearing different Punjabi turban with different dress codes. You also have to supply service boys. You do not have to invest much capital, you have to buy different types of dress codes. Those with professional looks too – belly tie shirts and regional ones too: – Marathi dressage, Pajambi dressage, Raja – Dresses like Maharajas. New innovations have to be done with dress codes. You have to apply the idea in new dressage. And separate cat log will have to be made in which service boys will be there, if you want, you can also make its website. You can supply by uploading pictures about your service in your website and in all dressages available to service boys. And print a visiting card for your marketing and go to all the tent house catering service providers nearby and give your visiting card and start business.

2 – Building construction supply: –
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We all make houses, cement, brick, sand, birla white putty, paints, plumber items all these things are needed. Many of these people have no time to get information about all this stuff. If there are shops nearby, then it is fine, otherwise people have a lot of problems. And from this this business idea comes out. Cement and paint are easily available, but a lot of people do not even know how to get them for bricks, sand chips (ballast). What do you have to do with the owner of Eat Bhatta and Birla White Putty, paint with paint honors. What do you have to do What is the rate of sand, ballast, and what is their rate? You have to take price data from the Honors of brick, chips, ballast of your area and you will have to create a website for which you upload all the data. Describe about pictures price and product. Throwed customers of this website will be able to order you and gradually you can add more products. Whatever is needed to build a house, it has to be added to your website and you will have to market your website and collect data.

3 – Auto Rickshaw advertisements: –
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You may have seen the auto-rickshaw rides, there are advertisements behind. You can start this service. It can easily give you a good earning. Whatever will be earning, some auto-rickshaw honors will have to be given to it. And you have to keep the rest. You have to visit the market first, what will be the rate of advertisement? And before starting this business, you have to topple with the printing press. Because you will print your advertise and give it to you. You can either print your advertise, you can print your venial, venial add means like a sticker, which can be pasted anywhere, or you can paste it behind the site or on the site with the help of tape. For this also you have to make a website.
All the information has to be put on a static website. In which you have to tell how much you rate for an advertisement. How much does it cost to install in an auto? What is the cost of pasting in fifty autos and what is the rate for pasting in hundred autos. In this way, you have to make a price chart. Which will remain in your website. Whoever wants to use your service, will be able to see the advertisement rate in your website and Template will also be printed for its marketing and the templates have to be given to you in the market, such as: – visiting coaching centers, schools and any market You can give your template to the vegetable seller or the shop owner. At the same time, you will also have to tie up with the auto-rickshaw driver. You have to share from your earning revenue. With which the income of the auto owners will increase and your business will also run.

4 – Maid service: –
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We all know that today the need of maid working in homes is increasing day by day, so the brain of maid is increasing day by day.
You can start a maid service in a very small investment, so what will happen to you? You want to go to the outer area away from the city in your area, to do the work of ladies maid. You will have to talk to them and tie them up with a service and you will have to form a community of maids, both have advantages in this. Mend will also get a job and your business will also run. You can provide maid service in the poss area of ​​your area. Initially, you only provide service in flats. You just have to give a little training to your maid because we know that the maids who work in our house wear very dirty clothes and do not take care in cleanliness. So you will have to give a little training to your maid and also keep a different dress codes. You have to keep a charge for your maid service and from that charge you also have to keep your commission. And the maid also has to pay. This will be your earning.
In this way you can start maid service in your area. Which can be very good earning. Because maid has a lot of brain and is not available easy.
With these four business ideas, you can start with very little investment. Our effort is to create an entrepreneurial ship in every young person studying in the university. They should also think about business. Do not be deported only on the job, because you do not know what you can do amazing? You have so much power in you. Our aim is to get out the power inside that. Just need to start once. If you put your 100%, then you will be able to earn 10 times more than your job.
There is no other person to make you rich, you are yourself, just need to increase your stature.
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