Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review | Life changing motivational book | best seller

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review | Life changing motivational book

Rich Dad Poor dad – Best Motivational book

We all know how to make money? And how can that money be used? Many of us know how money works for us. Those who do not know work for money.

The name of this book is such that by seeing it, it does not seem that it is such a popular book of Make mony technique. The author of the book has thoughtfully named the book. The entire book appears to make full use of the heroes of Tital.

Robert kiyosaki and sharon lechter have written the book “rich dad poor dad” together. But its make money theory has been written by Robert kiyosaki. And the book is famous by their name.


So friends, this is the name of the book. “Rich dad poor dad”. Whose writer is ‘Robert kiyosaki’. Before reading the summary of this book, read the thoughts of some great people who keep this book.

“Sue Bron”

“Rich dad doesn’t tell a shortcut to poor dad Amiri.” It teaches how to develop an understanding of money, how to fulfill the responsibility of your money and how to become rich after this. If you want to awaken your financial talent then definitely read it. ”

Dr. “Ed Cocaine”

“I wish I had read this book twenty years ago!”

Larison Clarke, Diamond’s Homes

“Any man who wants to become rich in future, he should start with rich dad, poor dad.”

“Mark Victor Hansen”

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad is not an ordinary book on money… It is easy to read and its main lessons – like, it requires concentration and courage to become rich, are very easy.”

“Honolulu Magazine”

“I wish I had read this book in my youth!” Or perhaps it would have been better if my parents had read this book! This is such a book that you give a copy of it to each of your children and buy some copies so that when you have grandchildren and they are 8 or 9 years old, then you can gift it .

Best Point of this book: –

Not all of us learn financial knowledge from our school. Mostly we learn from people who do not have money.

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Because those who do not have money, they will give you feedback based on their experience of life, as if everything has been experienced in their life. Now nothing can happen except to accept their opinion ..

Kiyosaki explains that he puts the same experience in front of us as he is. Which has nothing to do with your ability.
If we take Advice from a person whose annual income is 200000 Rs. If it is, then its advice value will be the same. And if we take advice from the 600000 monthly income earner, then his financial status will be like that.

Kiyosaki says that he was lucky that he got an opportunity to get advice from both types of person.
Here, he gives the example of his two fathers and achieves the goal of best selling his book in the whole world.

One father was his real, Poor dad who always used to give him Advice that he should spend the money on his care. We cannot buy all things. Money is very difficult to earn. While the other father Rich dad was his friend’s father who would never talk to him about these things. He would always very easily give him the things he wanted.

Rich dad used to say whatever you want. Ask yourself about those things how you can get those things. While Poor dad also refuses to think about such things, which he cannot take.
Robert liked Rich Dad’s words because he found a reason to use mindset in his talks, which would inspire him to learn real life experiences.

You must buy this book giving information about cash flow. Many people have a misconception about money that money can be earned from only two numbers, so many people choose the wrong path because of going the right way. It is exactly like climbing from a lift in a multi-storey building. Since you want to achieve cash flow quickly, without having to build your foundation, then you feel failure or slander.

Robert told us about the ‘rat race’:

“If you look at the life of any average educated, hard working man, you will see the same journey in him. The child is born. Goes to school The parents are happy, because the child gets good numbers in school and gets admission in college. The child graduates and then works as planned. He seeks an easy, secure job or career. The child gets similar work. Maybe he becomes a doctor or a lawyer. Or he gets recruited in army or he starts doing government job. The child starts earning money, he starts getting credit cards in bulk and if he has not started shopping till now, then it starts buying fiercely.

According to Kiyosaki

A rich person is one who makes his Assets. That is, they have sources that bring money to them.

OorPoor person has Liabilities. Sources that take money away from them.

Example – If you check and buy a car on loan for your hobby, then it is not your Assets but Liabilities. As you will have to pay for fuel, charging, maintenance, EMI, parking etc.

So friends, if you want to buy an online book then you can buy it by visiting this link.

 Rich dad and Poor Dad In Hindi =>

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