how to earn money online

how to earn money online

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how to earn money online

How to earn money online : Nowadays everyone wants to know about this. And as the world is getting digital online ways of earning money are becoming more and more.
If you want to earn money from online internet, then this post has to be completely done. You will find a way to earn money online for yourself

Earn money online from Internet?

There are many ways to earn money from the Internet. Or you can also say that there will be many ways to earn money sitting at home, which you can make a good income.

But first of all it is very important to know what you must have to earn money online.
# 1) Mobile / Desktop / Laptop: To earn money sitting at home, it is very important to have a PC or Smart Phone first of all, if you have both these things then it is even better.

# 2) Internet Connection: Internet connection should be available on your device.

# 3) Interest: And what do you want to do in the last? Which online money-making method will you earn money from. It is very important for you to decide.
So you have to know more about what you are interested in, which you can choose a best online way to earn money for yourself.

And if you have an offline business, then you can earn money from the internet by starting it online.

But if you do not have any offline business, then you can earn money from the Internet through your talent.
Work should be done in which you have interest. Below I will tell some best ways to earn money online with which you can easily earn money online.

Blogging through earn money online

Blogging is the easiest way to earn money from internet. And to start blogging, a blog is required.

And when you create a blog to earn money, you will have to make a blog on WordPress, not Blogspot . Because Blogger’s features are limited and WordPress has unlimited features.
So you blog on WordPress itself. And if you have a working budget now, you can start Blogging on Blogger as well.

And after creating a blog and making it SEO friendly, you have to select such a topic in which you have interest and a little knowledge.

Some popular blogging topics like, Blog, Blogger, Earn Money Online, Mobile & Gadget, Technology, Motivation, Health, Food, Sports, Share Market etc. You can start in any topic.

Then you publish some high quality post on the topic you have selected on your blog.
And when some traffic will start coming on your blog, then you can earn money from your blog and there are many ways to earn money from blog, website.

Google AdSense

Google Adsense is the best way to earn money from Blog and you can earn money from Google by placing Adsense Ads on your blog .

And for this, you should first publish some high quality post on your blog. And when visitors start coming to the blog, then you should apply to Google AdSense.

And when your account is approved, then you put AdSense ads on your blog. Then whenever a visitor sees your ads or clicks, you will get money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to earn money online . In this, you will have to sell a product through your blog.

For which you can use link, banner, text. You have to add it to the text of your post, or to the layout of the blog.
Then whenever a visitor will go to your link and buy anything, you get his commission.

Start A Service
After creating a blog, you can start an online service on your blog. And whoever will use your service, you can apply some Service Charge to them.

For example, if you are a Blog Design, SEO Expert, you can earn money from the internet by working on the blog of other bloggers through your blog.

Sell Own Product
On your blog, you can dig and sell products and earn money sitting at home through online business . If you have a product, you can increase its selling by marketing it through your blog.

YouTube Se Paise Kamaye
You can also earn money by uploading videos on any topic on YouTube. And for this you have to create a YouTube channel . And have to upload video on your channel.

Then when your subscribers and viewers grow, you can make money from YouTube by applying many ways .

Affiliate Marketing
If you tell about a product on your channel, then you take the Amazon and Flipkart se Affiliate link for that product and add that Affiliate Link on the description below your videos.

If someone will buy that product from your link after watching your video, then you will get a commission according to that products.

Paid Review
When you have good viewers on your channel, then you will get many products review offers of the company. Which you can earn well through your YouTube Channel.

Sponsored post
On YouTube, you will find many people who will pay to promote their business on your channel. And the more sponsored post you share, the more your internet revenue will increase.

Google AdSense
You can also earn money from Google AdSense on YouTube . But to show AdSense ads on the channel, your channel should have minimum 1000 subscribers, 4,000 hours watch time and minimum 10,000 views.

You can then make money with Google AdSense by placing AdSense Ads on your YouTube Channel.

Earn money from affiliate marketing
I have told you above about Affiliate Marketing. If you do not have a Blog and YouTube Channel, then you can earn money from the Internet through Affiliate Marketing.

You take affiliate from sites like Amazon, Flipkart and share their link through your social account, pages, groups, WhatsApp, Gmail.

Whenever someone will buy any product from your link, you will get its commission.

Make money with whatsapp
You can also do online earning from WhatsApp. And for this, you will need many WhatsApp numbers and Groups.

If you have many Groups and WhatsApp numbers, then you can earn money online from Whatsapp by selling Affiliate Marketing, Online Tuition, Paid Promotion, Own products .

You can also earn money from WhatsApp by using Olx, Quicker sites. And for this, you can make a good income from the Internet by buying old products from the OLX site at a lower price and selling it at a higher price through WhatsApp at your local place.

How to earn money by Facebook

If you have many followers on your Facebook account, then you can also earn money from fb.

And you can start Affiliate Marketing to earn money from Facebook . And you can start earning by sharing affiliate links on your account, pages and groups.

Or if you have good friends followers, then you can also earn money by selling your Facebook account, pages, and groups.

Then you can also earn money from Facebook by promoting someone else’s products on your FB Group, Pages.

As you may have seen from many such groups on fb, on which you have to pay something to share.

In the same way, you can also earn good money from social site by sharing some charge to share other’s content on your pages and group .

Earn money from mobile
You can also earn well from mobile. There are many such online money making apps on the Play Store from which you can earn good money.

You can earn money from mobile by using these apps in Free Time . On these, you get money for simple task complete, friends refer, apps download, play game, watch videos.

This is some popular money making apps ,

1) Google Opinion Rewards

2) True Balance

3) MintCoins

4) Champcase

5) True Balance

6) Mcent Browser

With all these ($) Dollar earning apps, you can earn good money by spending some time on them.

Online Photos Sell Karke Paise Kamaye
If you click good photos, you can sell your photos for online business. But you clicked the photo should be unique and high quality.

You can sell a great photo on the internet for $ 50- $ 500. And there are many websites online such as Shutterstock , you can sell your photos at Gettyimages.

Earn money from fiverr
You can earn money online even by starting an online service, just like if you have SEO, Coding, Design or any other skill you can earn money by starting that service.

On this you will have to do that you join on fiverr . And make your profile very professional and attractive. Which you will get some work easily.

Then you start any online service according to your skill. And earned money from fiverr.

For example, if you have good knowledge about social media marketing, start SMM and if you know about Blog Designing, then you should design blogs, websites. You will get many skill online jobs on it.

Service starts from $ 5 on Fiverr. You can set your price according to your skill.

Freelancer se paise kamaye
On Freelancer you get all kinds of online jobs like, websites, IT & Software, mobile phones & computing, Design, Media & Architecture, Content Writing, Online Data Entry job, Sale & Marketing, Translation & languages, Business Services, Local Jobs You will get full time and part time jobs like & Service.

For this, you create a nice profile on Freelancer. And select any online jobs according to your skill.

Then as soon as you get any project or work, you will get it.

Online Teaching Karke Paisa Kamaye
If you are a teacher and are searching for a way to earn money online, then Online Teaching is the best way for you.

Anyway, if you are teaching in school or collage, then after that time you have, you can earn money by online Teaching at that time.

From many such websites on the Internet, where you can do online teaching. You set a price and upload your course on a website like Udemy, skill share.

Then whoever wants to take your course by paying on Udemy Skill Share can see the course as they want or can.

Then the website keeps its commission and gives you your payment. You can also earn money from the Internet sitting at home through the website.

Paid Content Writer Bane
This is the easiest way for writers to earn money from the Internet. Paid Content Writers means writing posts for any other blog, website and a company with money.

There are many such blogs and websites on the Internet, due to which the owner has less time, he gives this work to a writer. You search such a blog and write a post for them. In this, you will get money according to per post.

Or you can join freelancer according to as a personal writer. And wrote posts for other bloggers or other companies. On this, you also get from $ 1 to $ 5 for per word, $ 10.

Your writing skill is good, you will get money accordingly.

And even if you write a book, you can earn money from the Internet by making your book an Ebook, for this you should convert your book to an ebook through an online Ebook maker tools.

Aur then sell your Ebook through Blog, Social Media, WhatsApp, Email marketing.

URL Shortner Se Paise Kamaye
Whether you are in social media or in WhatsApp, you must have shared the link. So in such a way, you shorten your URL with URL Shortner and then share it, it will also earn you money.

Yes, there are many companies that will give you money to shorten URLs.

Now you might be wondering what is the use of URL Shortner in this?

So when you shorten and share your URL on Shortner, then there is ek Ads show in it, which will open for a few seconds after visitors click on it and then it will go to the main site.

You will get money just for doing this Ads show.

Some popular URL Shortner like,


You will get money by shortening URLs on these sites, and also if you refer someone, you can also earn good money from them.

Domain And Hosting Reseller

Domain name means the name of a website like my site’s domain name is

You can easily earn money online by reselling domain and hosting by joining Godaddy’s reseller program.

Or when the price of domain and hosting is low then you can earn money online by buying and later selling at a higher price.

Sell MusicΒ  Internet
If you like music and you sing a song, then you can also earn money by selling it on the Internet.

For example,, music is bought on all these sites, you can earn money by selling your music or Ringtone on these sites.

Earn money through TikTok

This is a freeware short video sharing mobile app. If you use it, you can also earn money from it.

TikTok does not have its own monetization program. But if you increase your followers, then you can earn good online from any social media.

In the following, I will tell you the best ways to earn money from TikTok . Through which you can earn millions online.

Brand Deals
Most social media influncers earn money only through Brand Deals. So if you have astray followers, then you too can earn money from TikTok through brand promoter.

In this, the increased company gives you a paid proposal. And for a video of these, you can get from $ 500 to $ 50,000.

Sell Own Product
You can market your product on TikTok. For example, if you have a product of your own, then you make a video of it and do marketing. And sell through other social media.

Or if you have good followers, then you can make money by selling your brand name products like, T shirt, Mug, Cup, Pen etc. through TikTok.

Earn money by selling goods online
This is a very easy way to earn money from the Internet. You must have seen the second – hand stuff on Olx, Quickr, E bay, Flipkart? Which is available at a very low price.

This is the easiest way to earn money from online marketplace without working hard. You can sell your old goods, which you do not use, but if you want, you can sell such goods by becoming an online seller.

Or you buy it first and sell it at a much higher price. In this way, you can easily earn money online from home.

This was some ways to earn money online. Apart from all these, you can earn money through survey on online.

In this, you get money to complete some simple tasks, but there are more fraud companies in it. So keep it in the last option.

And only after checking well, join a survey site.

Does it take any fess to earn money online?

No online it doesn’t take any fess to earn money. Without investment you can earn money online sitting at home from the internet. But there are also some ways in which you will have to invest something.

Online How Much Money Can We Earn Per Day?
You can earn billion of money from Internet. And it will depend on your work how much money you can earn per day.

How do we get internet revenue?
Nowadays you can get your online earnings directly on your bank account only. But if you want, you can also take cheque through paypal.

Can you make your carrier by earning money from online internet while sitting at home?
Yes online money Kamke can make his carrier. Because nowadays there are many online workers and Hindi bloggers, whose earning is very good and high. But for this you have to work very hard.

I hope that you have earned internet se paise kaise sitting at home now, have you understood? But still if you have any question in your mind, then you should tell it on the comment box below. I will be happy to help you.

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