Why I am an Atheist – Letter written by Bhagat Singh

Letter written by Bhagat Singh

This article was written by Bhagat Singh while in prison and it was published in the Lahore newspaper ‘The People’ on 27 September 1931. In this article, a letter written by Bhagat Singh claims himself to be an atheist. He believed that we should challenge our old beliefs. If those assumptions fail the arguments fire.

I refuse to believe in the Almighty God. I did not become an atheist because I am arrogant or hypocritical. Nor am I an avatar of anyone. Neither do I have any form of God nor divine. I am going to sacrifice my life for a cause. What can be more distrustful that a Hindu believer in God can believe in rebirth. A Muslim or Christian may wish to enjoy luxury in heaven. He may have a desire to be rewarded for his suffering. But what should I expect?

I know that the moment the noose of rope falls around my neck, the bottom of my legs will fall, that will be my last moment. Without any sense of selfishness, without wishing for any reward here or here, I have given my life in the name of freedom in an eternal sense.
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“Our ancestors must have believed in some almighty, whoever challenges the truth of that faith or the existence of that God.”
Where does he go to Kafir or Pakhadi. No matter how strong that person’s reasoning is and it is impossible to deny him or how strong his soul may be. He cannot be bowed even by showing him fear of God’s wrath. And therefore, such a person is condemned as arrogant.
I did not become an atheist because of pride. My distrust of God has made all my circumstances unfavorable to me. This situation can worsen even more. A little spirituality can give a poetic form to the situation. So no one wants to argue to meet their end. I am a realist person. I just want to win over my behavior by being rational. Even though I have not been successful in these efforts but it is the duty of human beings to keep trying. Because success depends on cooperation and circumstances.
“It is important for every person moving forward to find the old faith and fault in all principles. He should understand all the problems and possibilities. If a belief is reached after rigorous arguments, then its belief should be appreciated.
His argument can also be misunderstood. But it is possible that it will be justified. Because logic is the guide of life. “
Faith rather I should say that “superstitions” are very deadly. Which removes the power of understanding and thinking of a person. And makes him anti-reform. The person who claims to be a realist. He should challenge the truth of old beliefs. If she cannot bear the brunt of faith and logic, then she falls apart.
The British do not rule here because God wants to. But it is because they have strength and we do not have the courage to oppose it. The British are not keeping us under control because of God, but they are doing so with the help of guns, bullets, police and army. And most of all from our inattentiveness.
A friend of mine asked me to pray. When I asked him to be my atheist, he said, “When your last days come near, then you will start believing.”
Where I – No, my dear friend! It will never happen. I consider it insulting and the cause of moral decay. I will never pray for such a selfish reason. “By Bhagat singh”
Note – Friends, we have collected all these ideas through Bhagat Singh’s website. So that people can be made aware of superstition. If someone’s feelings get hurt. So we will apologize for that.
Friends, we have also kept the thoughts of ‘Bhagat Singh’ here so that the youth will go to temples and try to get victory over them by bribing God to hide their failures.
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